Volunteer now and make a difference.

Peerion is a social collaboration platform that links the cause and effect of community activism while empowering individuals to work together for the greater good.

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Virtual Reality

Your personalized volunteer dashboard

Set up your profile and use an advanced directory search with built-in social collaboration features to better connect with volunteers and organizers, so you can take action, get things done, and promote what is important.

I’m looking to volunteer

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Tools to manage your abilities

Earn points for all interactions and keep track of your experience with a level progression system integrated into your dashboard.

XP Every single interaction earns you points, which increase your experience levels.

Levels Each new level reached unlocks exclusive access to features and special rewards.

Credits – You can directly donate credits to one another and also lock them for voting rights.

Saved Estimated values of the tasks you take on are calculated and recorded.

Badges Earn skill, experience, and leadership badges for major milestones and various actions.

Growth A digital tree represents your effort and growth. Together we can build a sustainable world.

Your effort starts as a seedling…

and grows with each new engagement…

until you become a leader of your cause.

VR experiences for any kind of event

Dedicated VR experiences exclusive to Peerion members for hosting classes, meetings, demos, performances, conferences, games, and much more.